What is the difference between the “Introduction to Jewelry Making” class and “Introduction to Soldering” class?

The Introduction to Jewelry Making class is a more intensive learning class. It is 4 sessions of 3 hours or a weekend class with 2 sessions of 5 hours. This is the class that is needed to attend “Open Studio”. In this class you will learn all the basics to jewelry making including: bezel making, sawing, filing, soldering, stamping, hammering/texturing, band forming, and polishing. The “Introduction to Soldering” class is a 3 hour workshop where you will be able to make yourself 3 stacking rings. These rings are more basic and will teach you soldering on a simpler level.

What should I wear to the workshop? 

It is important that you wear closed toe shoes and pants. You will be working with hot metal so you want to protect your toes and legs. Pants like jeans are preferred, but not mandatory. If you have long hair you will want to make sure you tie it back. Safety glasses will be provided but if you have a pair of reading glasses that you wear bring those for eye protection. 

I want to host a party at the studio, how many people can you accommodate?

We have 8 studio benches, so if everyone wants to have their own bench we can have 8 people, however if you are okay with people sharing space we can accommodate more! Give us a call or send a text to (925) 588-4605 to get more information on if we can accommodate your party. 

I found a cool stone on vacation at a stone shop, can I bring in my own stone to make into a ring or necklace? 

Yes of course! As long as the back is flat you can bring in your own stones to create into something beautiful. 

What is “Open Studio”? 

Open studio is available for those who have competed the “Introduction to Jewelry Making” class or have previous silversmithing experience. You may then come in and use the studio space and the tools when it is open. You may also reserve time. Call or text (925) 588-4605 for more information regarding open studio. 

I want to come in and do the “Make Your Own Ring Workshop”, but none of the times work for me. What are my options?

If none of our time offerings work for you we can arrange a private lesson. During a private lesson you will learn the same skills just in a 1:1 setting. If you want to bring a few friends we can do a private party as well. Call or text (925) 588-4605 to reserve your private session or party. 

I paid a deposit fee but no cannot make it to the class, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds on class deposits, but you can use it towards a future class.  


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